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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Stretch the Zone This zone is very safe and secure. Most people like to stay in this zonebecause in it, there is nothing that they haven't seen before. All the skills necessary to complete tasks while working in this zone are already acquired. Working within your comfort zone poses no risks or challenges. However,not much progress is made. Comfort Stretch Panic Safety Zone Learning Zone Danger Zone double click to change this header text! Many people tend to stray into this zone unknowingly, causing them a lot of stress, anxiety, panic, discomfort, and more. Those who stay in this zone tend to get discouraged from the failure of not reaching near the impossible goals that they have set for themselves.Although they are attempting to make progress, there is close to no productivity in this zone due to procrastination and the low quality of work done under stress. This is where the magichappens. In the stretchzone, people are pushed to think "outside of the box", take on newchallenges, learn new skills and further develop skills they have already acquired. By taking risks and trying new things, those who work in the stretch zone tend to be the most productive, innovative and creative leaders. In the stretchzone, you are pushed to yourlimits and are encouraged tolearn from your mistakes. Vaishali Kumanan & Sarah Mayo
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