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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 10% The Axispower wereHitler's army. Axis power:GermanyItalyJapanHungary RomaniaBulgaria RATIONING 12% LENGUAJE CORPORAL Todo lo que rodea al POLITICO lo empodera y jeraquiza STORYTELLING Coherencia entreIMAGEN y MENSAJE 17% IMAGEN CON PODER Generar una imagenseductora, aspiracional y de pertenencia. 23% IMAGEN AMBIENTAL El cuerpo del POLITICO debetransmitir EMOCIONES 13% 15% by EDURNE OCHOA@edurneochoa Allies Powers:U.S.AFranceUSSR, Belgium, Brazil, and more The Allies were the ones fightiong against Hitler. Rationing: Rationing started in1940s. People had their rationing book.Sugar, tea, butter, meatand bacon werethe first things to be rationed. The food that was left wentto the Nazis. Blackouts: War World IIbegan in Europeon the 3rd of September of1939. Evacuation means leavinga place. If they bombardedthem they needed to evacuatefrom the building or any placethey were. People had to cover windows and doors with heavy blackoutcurtains, cardboard or paint. They used it to avoid any glimmer oflight because if not an aircraftcould bombard them. Evacuation: Gas Masks: Gas mask protected themfrom any gas. Most of thepeople had a mask becausethey were given house tohouse inside a cardboardbox.The masks were madeof black rubber, whichwas very hot and smelly. Air Raids: Air raids were attacks from the German air force most of these attacks were at night before that happened sirens advised people. Different bombs were thrown from the planes high explosives, incendiary bombs and oil bombs. Concentration Camps Childhood Most of the toys theyhad were related withwar like airplanes andtanks. Many toysfactories were nowmaking airplanes parts,guns and other things. The concentration camp wassomething similar to a prison.When they captured the Jewish, they sent them thereto work and then they killed them in a camera of gas,that was a room where the Nazis put lots of Jewish people and threw them atoxic gas for them to die. 2) In the movie The boy with stiped pyjamas they showed how the boys played and they played with tanks just as what we learned. 1) A connection is that in Anne Frank, she hid with all her family and in Number the Stars Ellen and family also hid from Nazis. Connections 3) In Number the Stars how was a dailyday during war. Peace Arrived The Allies power were six years trying for the Axis powerto give up,until the day came. War World two ended the 8 of May in 1945. Japan did not give up at the same time asGermany.Until in the 5 of August of 1945 they gave up.
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