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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Selective Breeding Sales Campaign-Pizzly What the parent organisms are that his father was an African prince, his mother, a fiercely independent Indian huntress. What are the parent organisms? Where are they found? Melting Arctic ice How is each parent organism helpful ( for mankindand/or nature? The polar bear also struck them as a little strange. It had darkstripe on its back, its snout looked dirty, its head was a hump behind its shoulders, which is normally found only on brownbears. Why do the parents need improvements (i.e. why should we breedit with a different parent organism to make this hybrid?) f The parents of grolar bears likely first met as grizzliesbegan to invade the polar bear's warming habitat or as polar bears were driven southward by rising temperatures. Questions about Parent Organisms: Questions about Hybrid Organisms: The two bear species are among the 22 Arctic marine mammal species most likely to interbreed, or hybridize,in a new Arctic "melting pot," according to a commentary published this week in the journal Nature. What is the hybrid organisms? Where is the hybrid found/where does it live? "One of the real things that is happening is that grizzliesare moving north, at the same time the polar bears are forced to be on the beach and we have found a number of grizzly bearpolar bear hybrids," said biologist George Divoky, who has worked in the Arctic region fr over three decades. When was this hybrid introduced/discovered? DNA analysis has confirmed that a bear shot in theCanadian Arctic last month is a half-polar bear, half-grizzly hybrid. What special traits does this hybrid have? They have long necks like polar bears, but smallshoulders humps like grizzlies. The soles of their feet are partially covered in hair. They also have humped backs like grizzlies, a trait with polar bears lack. How is this new hybrid helpful (for mankind and/or nature)? An Australian scientist believes that climate change is currently speeding up this creation of new species, though this very process of natural selection. He is referring to the Grolar Bear/Pizzly Bear, a hybrid of both the brown bear and the polar bear. Brown Bear + Polar Bear = Pizzly or Grolar Bear ON SALE!!!! ONLY $520.99 Get''em while they are still here!!!! Make sure live in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE!!!!!!!!!!
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