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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nuclear America Bases for building the bomb werelocated inLos Alamos and Oakridge Tennessee Names: Fat Man andLittle Boy Directed by General Leslie R. Groves and J. Robert Oppenheimer From Marie Curie to today's nuclear engineers, the quest to harness the energy of the atom never seems to stop. Developed under the name of the Manhattan Project in order to end WWII. The Atomic Bomb The first nuclear propelledsubmarine was the USSNautilus, followed by thefirst nuclear-powered aircraft carrier theUSS Enterprise. The only ships that use nuclear power as propulsion areoperated by the Navy. Propulsion Military and Civilian Nuclear Power in the United States, 1940-1980 by Gerard H. Clarfield and William M. Wiecek Commercial Power The USS Enterprisewith crewman standing aboard the flight deckforming Albert Einstein's famous equation. The only exception to thisrule is the NS Savannah.She is the only nuclear-powered merchant ship. Only ever used on Japanto end WWII - The trigger for the fusion bomb was an atomic bomb- Testing for the fusion bomb took place in the Bikini Atoll- The combining of 2 nuclei that results in significant energy release- Lockheed Martin recently announced plans for compact fusion Fusion - Commercial nuclear reactors only use fission- Chernobyl was only a minor hiccup- Fuel that is used: uranium and plutonium- There are 62 commercially operated reactors in the United States
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