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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Tip 3 Tip 5 Tip 7 Tip 9 Tip 2 Tip 4 Tip 6 Safety tips for Sexual Assault in College Tip 8 Tip 10 If you meet a victim of sexual assault youshould connect them to campus resources like counseling office. Tip 1 Know your Rights:Universities that receivefederal funding mustbe in compliancewith Title IX. It coversdiscrimination againstsexual harassment andsexual violence. You should alwaysidentify opportunities to better understand the nature of sexual violence onyour campus. Try to create a campus climate that supportssafety, respect, and trust. Develop strategies based on the bestavailable research evidence. You should keepevaluating the prevention strategiesso you have moreadvanced strategiesto fight the problem If your campus hasa plan to prevent sexualassault then you should share that plan with the campuses that don'thave it to create a safer environment for everyone. Because everyone'ssafety matters as muchas yours does. Provide preventionprograms for allincoming students. You can also join a support group for victims and that can not only helpthe victims, but also will create ways for people to help prevent it from happening and create a safer environment for everyone. Researches have shown that only 2% of the victimsof sexual assault disclose whathappened to them. So if you find someone whoshares something likethis with you, you should talkto a counselor or someone who can help that person. Sources
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