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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Fault In Our Stars 1. Dynamic character- In the beginning of the book she doesn't talk to anyone and just tries to avoid people, but in the end she realizes it's okay for her to make friends and have a life while she can.2. Dynamic Character- Himself and Hazel learn a lot about life throughout the story.3. Dynamic Character- Throughout the story he learns that he needs to deal with some changes in his life like losing his girlfriend, and his vision.4. Dynamic Character- When you first meet him hes a drunk and selfish person, but throughout the story his life changes.5. Static Character- She does not change in the story at all.6. Static Character- Doesn't change in the story.7. Static Character- Doesn't change.8. Static Character- Doesn't change.9. Static Character- Doesn't change throughout the story10. Static Character- Does not change.11. Static Character- Does not change. Author: John Green Hazel Grace Lancaster Augustus Waters Isaac Mrs. Lancaster Peter Van Houten Mr. Waters Patrick Kaitlyn Lidewij Vliegenthart Mr. Lancaster Mrs. Waters Main Characters: 1. Hazel Grace Lancaster2. Augustus Waters3. Isaac4. Peter Van Houten5. Mrs. Lancaster6. Mr. Lancaster7. Mrs. Waters8. Mr. Water9. Lidewij Vliegenthart10. Patrick11. Kaitlyn While in Amsterdamthey meet an authorof an imperial affliction. His name is Peter Van Houten. He wouldn't tell them the end of thebook, because he wastoo drunk.Which ruined there trip.One night Augustusfinally got the courage to tell Hazel Grace whatsbeen bugging him. His cancer has came backand he's gonna die soon. Climax: Rising Climax: Hazel and Augustus bothmeet at their cancer support groups. They both bond overbooks, and video games. Hazels favorite book is called an Imperial Affliction. Augustus is slowlydying from his cancerthat has came back to him. Hazel is very upset and she does not know what she's gonna do without him. Falling Climax: The conflict is Augustus and Hazel Grace are very excited to go to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten. They were so upset when they finally met him. The whole point of there trip was to figure out what happend at the end of An Imperial Affliction. Conflict: Conflict: Another conflict in The Fault In Our Stars iswhen Hazel feels herselfgetting to attached to Augustusand begins to push him away. She does not want to have to dealwith another death of a person she loves dearly. Hazel knows that if she gets to attached to himi'm and it does not end well, she will be shattered in the end. The resolution of The Fault In Our Starshappens after AugustusWaters dies. At his funeral Peter Van Houten shows up.He finds Hazel and tries toapologize for how rude hewas to her and Augustus. Peter reveals a secret that he has not told many about why he never really finished his book. He says that hehad a daughter who alsohad cancer and died. Themain character in the bookresembled his daughter. Peter ends up telling Hazelwhat he would have wanted to happen if he finished the book. Resolution: Another resolution is Hazel and Augustus'srelationship does not end very well. Hazel could not keep herself away from Augustus and ended falling in love with him. After Augustus died, Hazel felt broken for a while.After a few weeksHazel was able to realize that having Augustus in her life was not a bad thing,but a blessing. She realized that he taught her so many things about life and actually gave her a chance tomake more out of her life. Resolution: The theme of The Fault In Our Stars isfinding yourself. You may have to find yourselfthrough another person or ultimately yourself. Hazel struggles with trying to figure out where she belongs. She needs to appreciate the time that she has left and everyone around her. Theme: 1. harmonical- Chapter 21, Pg. 2622. eulogy- Chapter 20, Pg. 2593. mortified- Chapter 17, Pg. 2404. ghettoized- Chapter 10, Pg. 1455. proverbial- Chapter 1, Pg 12 Vocabulary: NovelYoung Adult2002-2012; America & Amsterdam Type Of Work: Genre: Time & Place Written: Protagonist: Setting: Antagonist: Main Conflict: Hazel struggles to figure out how to live her life and find meaning in it as first she and then more urgently boy she loves face terminal cancer. Hazel Grace Lancaster: anytime between 2008 and 2012Cancer
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