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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Hobbit The Author: J.R.R. Tolkin Chloe Bailey Setting- The Third Age of Middle Earth, 2941-2942 Main Characters: BilboBaggins, Smaug, ThorinOakensheild, Gandalf, Gollum,Thranduil, Sauron, Beorn,Balin, Elrond, Bard the Bowman, Gloin, Dwalin Static or Dynamic Characters:Dynamic: Bilbo, Thorin, Gandalf, Static: Gollum Bilbo is a dynamic characterbecause he changes in the story. Thorin is a dynamiccharacter because hechanges throughout the story. Gollum is a static characterbecause he doesn't change. Plot:Main Events: Gandalfapproaches Bilbo aboutgoing on the adventure.They encounter Smaug.Thorin dies. Conflict: Bilbo's timidity, complacency,and uncertainty, work against his innerstrength and heroism. As he travels.and embarks on adventures, he mustgradually learn to rely on his ownabilities and to take the initiative todo what he feels right. Climax: After Bilbo kills a spider inChapter 8 he, finally has enoughconfidence in his own abilities as aleader and a hero. The Battle of The FiveArmies in Chapter 17 is the climax of the expedition. Quote: "Sorry! I don't want anyadventures, thank you. Not today.Good morning! But please come totea - anytime you like! Why not tomorrow? Good bye!" It reveals that he doesn't wantto go on the trip and he's too scared. It is showing that you canovercome your fears like Bilbo did in the Hobbit. Vocabulary:runes- were old letters originallyused for cutting or scratching onwood, stone, or metal, and so werethin and angular. page 8 queer- strange, odd, peculiar,eccentricin appearance or character. page 11 ages- A period of the earth's 12 braces- suspenderspage 13 scuttled- to run quick, hurried 14
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