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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bill of Rights Powerful Central V.S. Powerful State Governments Establishing a strongcentral government was favored Didn't feel it was necessary because it was mentioned already in the consitution States would lose influencewith the growth in the national government'spower The Federalists and Anti-Federalists had many differents Federalists VS. Anti-Federalists Constitution The absence of a Billof Rights in thewas seen as a realthreat to individualcitizens liberties Resources: The Federalist wanted a strong central government because they felt the Senate represented eachState well enough and they didn't need anymore power The Anti-Federalists wanted a Powerful State Government because they feared that a strong central gov. They feared it because of Great Britain over use of power Articles of Confederation Articles of Confederation The Anti-Federalists felt like the Articles needed to be amended, not abandoned Size of nation Size of nation The Federalists felt like a larger republic would be officiant in the protection forindividual freedoms The Anti-Federalists felt like only a small republic would protectthe rights Supporters The Federalists felt like the AoC was an ineffective for of government Congress power waslimited to requestingcooperation from states The Federalists supporters:Large farmers,merchants, artisans Supporters Executive Branch Bill of Rights Constitution The Anti-Federalists:Small farmers, oftenfrom rural areas. Only a few men joined. Mason and Randolph of Virginia, Gerry ofMassachusetts The federalist wanted theExecutive branch to checkthe Legislative branch so they could blance the power Executive Branch The Anti-federalist did not want the Executive branch to check the Legislative branch
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