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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Photojournalism Photojournalism Sports Photojournalist VS Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapist Make $63,000-$92,000 a year Make $30,000- $50,00 a year Go to college for 6-8 years. A bachelors and masters degree is needed. Go to college for 4 years and earn a bachelors degree. If planning on being self employed (most photojournalists are) a business degree is also needed. " They help people who have mental, social, and physical disabilities. Work with children of all ages whose difficulties may have been present since birth, or the result of an accident, illness, aging, or lifestyle."-Written by AGCAS editors "The primary role of the photojournalist isto be a visual storyteller." Needs to have a license and need to pass the NBCOT Exam. (National Board of Certification of Occupational Therapists. To be a photojournalist no license is required, however, if you become a photographer a sales tax license is required.Another license that is neededis a business license or a permit. By 2022, the employment will increase by 14% in the United States. By 2018 photojournalism willincrease 7-13%. The annual salary willbe $35,000. They may suggest to change to the person's environment, whether that may be at home, work, or school, and may introduce the use of equipment which will help with more confidence and independence. "They review the treatments periodically, evaluate progress and make changes to the treatment as needed."-AGCAS Editors Ohio State University has one of the best programs in Ohio for occupational therapistsbut can be very difficult to get in. They review the treatments periodically, evaluate progress and make changes to the treatment as needed. They can work in a variety of places like schools systems, hospitals, outpatient clinics,home health agencies,nursing homes, psychiatric facilities, and private practice. Occupational therapy is a rehabilitation science that promotes health by enabling people to perform meaningful and purposeful activities and work with individuals who suffer from mentally,physically, developmentally or emotionally disabling conditions by utilizing treatments that develop, recover or maintain clients activities of daily living. Being a photojournalist meanstelling a story through pictures. These pictures can tell a storythat no other media can. A picture is worth a thousand words. One of the top schools forphotojournalism is at The OhioUniversity Scripps College.This is a very well known school for photojournalism. There are many differentcareers for photojournalism.You can work for National Geographic or even ESPN.Another career choice wouldbe a self employed photographerand sell your pictures to bigtime magazines. There aremany career choices for a photojournalist, and it is not a dying field. Photojournalists are alwayson the move. Whether it beto Time Square on New YearsEve, or to the latest tragedy. Mostphotojournalists travel the world. If traveling the world and taking pictures is your dream job, becoming a photojournalistis right for you.
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