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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Childhood Obesity Childhood Obesity Child obesity is a problem that continues to grow.In the past 30 years obesity has doubled in children and quadrupled in adolences. In 2012, 1 out of 3 kidsin the US were obese. 1. Eat out less Fast food is extremely fattening. Even though fast food restaurants are starting to add morehealthy foods to their menu,it still isn't as healthy and nutritious as a home cooked meal. As a parent, you should reduce eating out to once a weekor preferrably never. Most kids dread eating their peas and carrots during meal time. As a parent, there are so many fun waysyou can make eating healthy fun. Make trying new healthy foods fun and exciting. Mix up mealtimes andmake fun dishes that are healthy and cool. 2. Make Eating Healthy Fun! There are 530 calories in aMcDonald's happy meal. Thisis just a little more than half of what a toddler should get in an entire day. 3. Educate Your Kids & Set an Example As a parent, it is your duty to inform your kids aboutobesity and healthy eating habits. It is good to let themknow about the harmful effects of junk food and the importance of exercise. It is also important to be a role model for your kids. Kids will do what you do. If youeat healthy and exercise and are enthusiastic about it, they will want to be too 4 Stock the Fridge and Pantry With Healthy Foods. When kids are hungry they will go looking for food.What they find is what they will eat. Make sure that your house is stocked with plenty of healthy options. This helps to allow kids to make their own choices froma variety of healthy foods. This also means that thereis always healthy options on hand and it will help to refrain from going out to eat because you always havefood at home 5. Get your kids active Exercise is just as important as eating healthy.Urging your kids to go out and do things is very important. Try to not limit time on the electronics and sign your kids up for as many activities they would like to participate in. That creates a fun environment where they can be active How? Kids will eat what is available to them.We need to create homes with healthier environmentsand urge parents to give kids healthier meals. The percentage of obese kids ages 6-11 rose from 7% in 1980 to 18% in 2012.
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