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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HISTORY OF TERRORISM Terror (Noun)From the french word terrur-intense, sharp, overmastering fear: TerrorismFirst used to describe the reign of Maximilien Robespierre during the french revolutionUsed to describe how Robespierre attacked hispolitical enemies to keep control and instill fearthrough executions. A "Reign of Terror". "Origins Of The Term Terrorism." Crime Library: Origins of the Term Terrorism. National Museum of Crime & Punishment. Web. 15 Dec. 2014."Terror." Web. 16 Dec. 2014.Laquer, Walter. "Terrorism: A Brief History." Walter Laqueur. E-Journal, USA. Web. 16 Dec. 2014.Riedel, Bruce. "The Grave New World: Terrorism in the 21st Century." The Brookings Institution. India Times, 09 Dec. 2011. Web. 14 Dec. 2014. Terrorism in the 20th centuryTerrorism was viewed as a huge threat to peace as the assassination of Franz Ferdinand led to the outbreak of the first world war. after the war it broke out in violence from communists and fascists within many European nations. After the second world war terrorism became less prominent as it disappeared from the front lines for a time. Tranditional Terrorism also had a "code of honor" that that frowned upon indiscriminate killing and often had terrorists avoid harming the wife or children of targets the terrorists would refrain from that course of attack. Freedom Fighter's impact on Terrorisma Freedom Fighter is often just a terrorist from the nationality of the organization's point of view. This term is often used in all parts of the world to increase the support for and organization by making other think that they want to fight for freedom instead of spreading terrorism. Terrorism in the 21st centuryTerrorism in our society is a renewal of older terrorism and is defined by violent acts such as 9/11 and the Embassy bombings. Terrorists do not only target America, with India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan being highly targeted by these groups. these groups attack through means of hijacking vehicles, attacking civilian locations and guerrilla warfare against trained military groups. It was incorrectly assumed by many the terrorists were all Islamic radicals, however this view is highly offensive and incorrect, terrorism is not limited to a single ethnic group or country, and is used by many groups to spread fear and distrust. Terrorists incorrectly underestimated resentment within their own nations and in many cases their home nations attempted to purge them with the help of other global enemies of terrorism. The Taliban and Al-Qaeda are among the most notorious groups and were thus highly targeted.
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