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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Relatively fewrequirements Relative fewrequirements Unlimited Liability The Different Types of Corporate entities S Corp SOLEPROPRIETOR Limited Liability Company (LLC) Capital Raising Must file with stateState specific filingfee required. PersonalLiability member are not typically held liable Election of board of directors/officers, annual meetings, and annual report filing requirements Shareholders are nottypically held liable AdministrativeRequirements Term Taxation and Double Taxation Transferabilityof Interest C Corp Must file with stateState specific filing fee required Shareholders are not Typically held liable Election of board ofdirector/officers,annual meetings, andannual report filingrequirements No Tax at corporaterate and possibledouble taxation:Dividends are taxedat the individual levelif distributed toshareholders No tax at the entitylevel.Income passedthrough to theshareholders No Taxable. sole propietorpays taxesNo Double Tax No taxIncome passedthrough tomembersNo Double tax Possibly, dependingon restrctionsoutlinedin the operating agreement Yes, but must observe IRS regulations on who can own stock May sell interests, but subjet to operating agreement(Securities laws may so apply) Shares of stock are sold to raise capital(Security laws apply) Shares of stock are easily transferred Terminated whenpropietor caeasesdoing business or upon death Perpetual:can extendpast death or withdrawal of shareholders. Perpetual, unless state requires fixedamount of time Perpetual: can extendpast death orwithdrawal ofshareholders Individual provides capital Formation Requeriments, Costs Is the simplest form of business that requires very little work to set up.Minimal paper paperwork Must file with state, state specific filing fee required. Shares of stock are sold to raise capital.Limitations prevent S corp stock owner ship by corporations NOMBRE DE LA MATERIAIDI7001-20001-INGLÉS JURÍDICO PARA LOS NEGOCIOSNOMBRE DEL ALUMNO00240513 RAMÓN VAZQUEZ RAMIREZNOMBRE DEL PROFESORMONICA ROMERO ANTTOLINE
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