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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Simon Bolivar Has a Vision Simon Bolivar had a strong vision of creating a single large country called the Gran Colombia. He fought for the independence of many small countries that belonged to Spain. With thosesmall countries he planned on making one large country. He believed that creating the Gran Colombia would be the most successful. His vision was to create one large country. Has the Cooperation of The People He fought for the people and for that the people cooperated, trusted, and even loved him. They even elected him president and military dictator. Many didn't share his vision for the Gran Colombia but they still trusted him because he was a great leader to his people. Has Courage Simon Bolivar displayed his courage when he fought to free Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, and Bolivia. He was fighting for what hebelieved was the greater good. Is Decisive Being decisive, means that you can make decisions and stick with that decision. He thought that a Gran Colombia would be a successful way to govern the newly independent countries that he had helped to free from Spain. So he made the decision to create the Gran Colombia, and eventhough many people disagreed with the idea ofthe Gran Colombia he created it anyway. Hemade the decision to create a a Gran Colombia and he stuck with that decision. Has Integrity Simon Bolivar showed integrity because he had truly good intentions when freeing countries from Spain, and he had many moral principles. He had a good character and fought for the people.
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