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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Full Coverage Powder Brush Lip Brush Spoolie Brush Powder Brush Blending Brush Fan Brush Angled Brush Angled Powder Brush Foundation Brush Flat Shade Brush This full coverage powder brush is soft for those most sensitive areas of the face and dense enough for medium to full coverage liquid or powder makeup. This brush makes bronzer and blush a breeze. Perfectly shaped to fit the curves of your face. The powder brush is used for softest application of face powder or blush. Tap the brush onto the cheek for the perfect flush of color. This brush softly adds definition to the crease of the eye for a quick everyday look or use it to add deeper hues to create a fun evening look. The foundation brush is dense enough to build desired coverage and soft enough to stay streak free, leaving a smooth finish to the skin. Used to apply face moisturizer, primer and foundation. The angled brush is perfect for adding a little definition to your eyebrows. Also use it to add your favorite deepeyeshadow for a soft eyelineron the upper and lower lash line. The flat shade brush is a multi-purpose brush. You can use it to apply creamy concealer underneath the eye as well as powdered eyeshadow onto the eyelid. The fan brush makes it ideal for whisking away errors. If you have any makeup fallout under your eyes, or if you applied too much powder, its easily swept away. Think of it like a broom for your face. The spoolie brush is the best tool for keeping your brows groomed and in place. The perfect lip brush for creating that bold lip or adding a light shade for a romantic look.
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