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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Catherine the Great Has Vision Catherine the Great had a vision of making Russia more progressive and modernized. She was heavily influenced the Enlightenment, she was an enlightened despot. Catherine the Great made or at least tried to make many progressive laws or changes. For example, she ended corporal punishment in schools, and made it so that women/girls could be educated. She had a strong desire bring Russia into the Enlightenment. Able to Motivate The reason Catherine the Great had motivated so many people was because she had acted humble towards her servants. For example, she saw one of her servants reading a book, and instead of punishing him she built her servants a library because she believed that they deserved to access to literature. So, even if others had told those in the castle to kill her, they wouldnt because she had shown humility towards them. Has Courage Catherine the Great displayed her great courage when she killed her husband (said that he died of hemorrhoids) so she could take over the thrown independently. As a woman she knew that she would have to face many criticisms and judgements because of her gender. When she killed her husband, who she didn't get along with, she became an absolute monarch and was finally able to make all of the changes she had always wanted to make. Has Humility Catherine the Great showed humility towards her servants. Sometimes she would go down to where the servants ate and she would serve them their meals.In another instance where she showed humility to those under her, she built a library specifically for her servants so that they could have access tobooks. Has The Cooperation of The People Catherine the Great gained the trust and cooperation of her people because she had shown modesty and humilitytowards the people under her. When she helped her servants or the citizens of Russia she gained their love and their cooperation. She also listened to what the people needed. For example, she provided education for all. She created public schools so that everyone was provided with an education. She did what the people needed.
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