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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The horse- carriage industry has been around since 1857 There are 1000-2000 draft horses, 68 carriages in NYC- with 220 horses being managed by 360 owners This industry has been banned in 18 cities Controversy If the industry is removed, then all drivers lose their job. If a job is not available soon,then they cannot support them- self and/ or their family. The horses get five weeks to six months of vacation time. This is tradition for little kids, to pet the horses, which spreads felicity. Key Points Horses develop medical problems such as leg problems, respiratory problems, heart stroke, stomach ulcers, dehydration and deteriorating hooves. Horses are spooked by loud noises, so they will charge, which will be 1,200 pounds charging through traffic There is no retirement for the horses, so they're murdered and made into meals. Explanations/ Rebuttal If the owners know how to work with horses, then they could find another job working withthem. Some businesses do offer training. What if a little kid sees a horse or passenger in a crash, they can be permanently and severely traumatized. The horses are forced to carry anything/ anyone that can weigh up to 7,800 pounds The horses have to work in extreme weather conditions The owners don't pick up the waste left by the horses, so the horses walk through it, while the passengers smell it If the horses are in back of a vehicle, they breathe in the exhaust NY mayor, Bill de Blasio proposed a bill to ban horse- drawn carriages in NY to the City Council on Monday Some people are working on making electric- powered carriages An accident can cause traffic If one is heard, it can injure the horse and the passengers Produced Using The Oppression from Horse- Drawn Carriages
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