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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ecological Footprint 1. If every person in the world lived like me it would take 4.4 Earth's to sustain our lifestyle!2. It takes 19.4 acres of the Earth's productive area to keep up my lifestyle!This shows me that I live a very resource consuming, wasteful life. Though I recycle most everything (per my mothers request) I still produce a lot of waste through travel. Carbon Footprint 1. I give off 30 tons of CO2 equivalency per year2. My CO2 emissions are about the national average by 3 tons of CO2 equivalency per year key:home energy 19.3%driving and flying 65.4%recycling and waste 1.7%food and diet 13.6% Daisy Lane Block 4 Key:food 11%services 45%shelter 16%goods 16%mobility 11% 1. Drive a more fuel efficient car to cut down my carbon emissions from driving and flying by 4%! 2. Cut down on the amount of miles I drive a year to cut down my carbon emissions from driving and flying by 5%!This shows me that by driving less I can make a huge difference in my carbon emissions.3. Eat less meat at meals, instead of meat at every meal only at one a day and reduce my carbon emissions by 4%! How I Can Reduce My Footprint? How Can I Reduce My Carbon Footprint? 1. I use more water in my home, for energy, and for my belongings than the national average2. I use a less amount of water for my diet than the national average.This makes me realize just how wasteful I am with water. Water Footprint How Can I Reduce My Water Footprint? 1. I can reduce the amount of animal products I consume by half2. I can take public transportation instead of driving my car3. Purchase products/ items that use less packaging or have packaging made of recycled materials 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 home diet energy stuff all key:(gallons a day)Me- yellowhome- 201diet- 775energy-1192stuff-244all-2414U.S. Average- purplehome-100diet-1056energy-700stuff-232all-2088 1. Take shorter showers, instead of 20 minutes take a 15 minute shower.2. Do less loads of laundry, and don't run the dishwasher as much3. Plant some low-water use plants and bushes in my yard.
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