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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 51.7% = 9.2% The majority of advisorssay that they are responsiblewith their money in general,but nobody has a part-time job About the same 30s-40s 40s-50s 60s and older 6% 40% $ What's with lending/borrowing money? WEALTHIER CLIENTS ARE MORE FINANCIALLY SAVVY59.1% of advisors said that wealthier clients are the most financially literate, but more than a third said that wealth doesn't predetermine money skills. Biggest client mistakes... Waiting toolong to start saving Sell Low,Buy High Underestimate Longevity Risk Failureto have a will Lack of Life Insurance Low High Average Financial advisors say that even the clients that hire them are only of average financial acumen. More than 60% rated their clients financial knowlege as mid-level. MOST CLIENTS HAVE AVERAGE FINANCIAL LITERACY I complete the survey about your responsibility with your or somebody's money. You cansee the results of my survey in this infographic The AdviceIQ financial literacy survey was conducted online in March 2013 using AIQ's database of U.S.Financial Advisors to randomly poll thousands of advisors. Three hundred fifty advisors participated with representative client bases of both high-net worth and middle-income investors. This is the first annual survey of financial literacy released by AdviceIQ, a groundbreaking online directory of trusted financial advisors and publisher of syndicated personal finance content and advisor rankings. How are you responsible with your money? 0 20 40 60 80 100 January February March April May June July 39% 36% 18% Nobody has credit card,so all of us pay for thingsin cash Nobody has credit card,so all of us pay for thingsin cash 100% of respondentslend money at least 1 time,AND............................... 100% always return backmoney, which they borrowed,but it seems that this isn't true ;) 50% of respondents save uptheir money to buy smththey wanted 60% think that teenagers wastetheir money on things theydon't really need
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