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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 No Humility No Humility Louis XIV Louis XIV Had a Vision Had a Vision Louis IV had a vision of a completely Catholic France. He went to the extent of revoking the Edict of Nantes which allowed religious freedom. When he revoked this edict,many were forced to either convert to Catholocism or flee the country. Louis went to great extents to make sure thatFrance was Catholic, and he achieved hisvision of no religious tolerance. Louis XIV never displayed humility.In fact, he referred to himself as the"Sun King", basically saying he was a heavenly body that gave life to all things.This shows his huge lack of modesty.Louis XIV also built himself the Palaceof Versailles which showed his vast wealthand power. Overall, Louis XIV had no humility,he cared only for himself, and he showedno modesty. Able to Strategically Plan Able to Strategically Plan Louis XIV used a plan of action in order to reach his overall goal of becoming the sole ruler of France. He wanted to centralize the French government, concentrating all political power and government responsibility into the hands of one single authority. In order to do so, he took away the power of the nobles, giving himself absolute power over France. Louis wasnt able to motivate his troops to fight for France. The increased army size by Louis XIV did not reflect popular devotion. Patriotism also didnt motivate his soldiers. Law and discipline were what bound the soldiers to the army. Many soldiers deserted the army because of their lack of loyalty towards their king. Wasn't Able to Motivate His People Wasn't Able to Motivate His People "I am the state."--Louis XIV One king, one law, one faith "It is legal because I wish it."--Louis XIV Louis XIV's courage showed when he invaded the Spanish Netherlands and gained 12 towns. Later his courageous decisions to keep going to war backfired. His successes prompted him to keep trying to expand France so he kept starting wars but after a few victories he stopped winning and ultimately left his country in a very deep debt. Has Courage Has Courage
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