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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FOOTPRINTS FOOD CLOTHES DRIVE WATER USE I take an average of 5 showers per week just like the average American for about 8 minutes. I use a total of 6,500 gallons of water per year.By reducing showers to 4 times a week and 4 minutes, I can save more than 3900 gallons of water per year. A dripping tap can waste enoughwater in a day to fill 50 1 gallon milk jugs. 338 gallons of water are used to produce one serving(3 ounces) of beef. The average American eats about7 servings of beef each week. The total gallons of water used a year by an average american is 123,032.I probably eat this much as well. By reducing my beef intake to 4 times a week, i can save 52,728 gallons of water per year. I drive about 20 miles every day in a mid sized vihicle that has about 20 miles per gallon. Because of this I produce 5.1 TONS of CO2 every year. If I drove a small sized car that has 30 miles per gallons and drive 10 miles every day because I get a ride from a friend, I would only produce 4.1 tons of CO2. If everyone in the world lived like me, we would need 3.6 Earths to support us. This is what I can do to fix that... The amount of meat I consume per yearalso emits 5 tons of CO2. It takes around 700 gallons of water to make a cotton shirt, and 2,600 gallons to make a pair of jeans. On average, every dollar you spend on clothes and shoes costs about23 gallons of water! I can buy nice clothing at a thrift shop and not only save money but also save water. 15, 50 gallon bath tubs 1 T-shirt 4.1 tons 5.1 tons 5 If I had just one meal of meat a day for a year, I could fill up 12 10,000 gallon tankers of water. 365 meals All these solutions can save not only your pocket but the Earth too. Its not that hard to make these changes when the benefits are so great. Carbon traps solar radiation. Without a little of it, the Earth would be too cold for habitation. Too much, and it gets too hot. a lot of it comes from the vehicles we drive. The average American spends 1800 dollars on clothing a year, A nice nike t-shirt ranges from 20-35 dollars. You can get a few nice shirts at a thrift shop for less than 20 dollars. My brothers and I eat a lot of food and end up spendinga lot more money than the average family. Meat is veryexpensive too. Reducing the amount of meat we eat perweek will save a lot of money.
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