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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Manchester City FC'Digital Metrics and Analytics Performance' Challenges Benefits Social Media- 17,169,639MillionFollowers WEB- > Lack of resources to execute> Budget Constraints> Time required> Lack of appropriate systems> Lack of systems integration 15% 21% 20% 13% 10% (Marketing Sherpa, 2012) > Better decision-making based on data> Better enablement of strategic initiatives> Better relationships with customers and business partners> Better financial performance of organisation 16% 10% 9% 49% (Phillipps, 2013) 2,165,772Million Followers 66% Acting on data to improvemarketing performance Combining data from multiple sources to draw correlations and make predictions Analytic objectives for 2013 39% Measuring attributionand interactionsacross channels 28% Email- How can Man City benefitfrom these metrics? MCFC-Facebook Fan Distribution Indonesia- Egypt- Brazil- Local Fans Other/ Not-yet targeted UK- % of fan base 1,867,911 1,095,504 927,719 12,432,522 10.9% 414,178 5.4% 6.4% 2.4% 72.4% 17.57% Of fans access socialmedia Use social reachas a key metric for social media marketing 61% Using social media metrics toolssuch as social baker, similar weband argyle social, it offers Manchester City a combined service of: > Engagement -total number oflikes, comment and shares on a post > Reach- a measurement of the sizeof audience MCFC are communicating with >Target market trends >Access to consumer preferences >Social media growth rates How can Man City benefitfrom these metrics? Manchester City can use this information to create campaigns around this area to increase engagement. MCFC can use this to find out what drives traffic to their domain, and repeat this process. Monitor how many fansare engaging with the contentMCFC provide. Is there an interest? >Subscription & Unsubscription rates >Click Through Rates >Open Rates 57% Of organisationsuse email metrics Average results for UK email marketing campaigns 2014: Open Rate 22.87% Click-through rates Unsubscription Rate 0.53% Open Rates: How can Man City benefitfrom these metrics? How can Manchester City optimise website conversion rate? >Through the use of Google analytics and similar web, MCFC can act upon it to increase leads and contacts. > This enables Manchester City tosee if their site effectiveness is high (Afshar, 2013) (Smart Insights, 2013) > Using these metrics it will provide Manchester City with information to create relevant content for the fans MCFC-Web global rank 30,174 MCFC-Web UK rank 2,972 Manchester City can use these metrics to measure: >Estimated visits- 1.1m >Average time on site- 3m 35 secs >Page views- 4.04 >Bounce Rate- 46.37% (SimilarWeb, 2014) Manchester City can use this informationto make objective such as: > Increase average time on site to 4 mins by end of 2014/15 season > Decrease bounce rate by 10% by the end of 2015 E-Commerce Advocacy > Increase estimated visits by 2% by the of 2014/15 season > The number of emails received and opened linking to your campaign. > Allows Manchester City to measure relevance and determine the effectiveness of their subject lines. > Analytics capture buying behaviourand purchase intentions >Involves trading of product or services using computer networks such as the internet. >By using this, Manchester City can: >Reduce buyers sorting out time>Lower direct cost-of-sale References >Generate viable volumes from niche products (E-commerce Education,2007) >Repeat purchase>Referral >Manchester City can measure directfeedback e.g. via social mediaplatforms. >They can develop campaigns for existing customers. 3.26% Industry Open Rates: Consumer Products 19.4% ConsumerServices 22.4% Key Measures >E-commerce education,(2007). eCommerce benefits, Available: ecommerce.asp. Last accessed 12th Dec 2014.> Phillipps, T., (2013). The Analytics Advantage. We're Just Getting Started. Available: Last accessed 12th Dec 2014.> Rouse,M. (2008). Data Analytics. Available: Last accessed 12th Dec 2014.>Silverpop (2012) Email Marketing Benchmark Study (Internet Blog) found @, accessed on 1/08/14.>Marketing Sherpa (2013) Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report, Strongview. [internet] available from: <> accessed on 1/08/14.>Afshar ., (2013) 50 Digital Marketing Metrics for CMO'S, CDO'S, CIO'S AND CFO'S [internet] Available from Accessed 10th Dec 2014.>Chaffey, D. (2014). Email marketing statistics 2014. Available: Last accessed 11th Dec 2014.>Similar Web (2014). Traffic overview. Available from: Last accessed 9th Dec 2014.>Social Baker (2014). Manchester City FC Facebook & Twitter. Available from: 208411345454-manchester-city-fc>Chaffey, D. (2013). Introducing RACE: a practical framework to improve your digital marketing. Available: Last accessed 11th Dec 2014. Key Metrics and Analyticsfor Manchester City to focus on: 'Data Analytics (DA) is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information' (Rouse, 2008) Reach (Silverpop,2012) (SimilarWeb, 2014) (Social Baker, 2014) (Chaffey,2014) Fan Advocacy (Marketing Sherpa, 2012) Engagement
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