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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Textile Final Caroline Cole Where was I made? Why am I special? - Very stretchy- Durable- Soft- Deep red color- Relaxed fit What am I made of? China I am made out of Polyester to make me more durable, easier to wash, and very soft.The spandex makes me superstretchy for a comfortable fit.This combination makes me the perfect garment for a busy college student that is always on the go,but still wants to be stylish. 92% Polyester 8% Spandex Smooth and soft to touchRed, Fake Suede fabric stretchesand fits perfectly. I am made with filament yarns because I am made out of synthetic fibers. This makes me durable, have aresistance for pilling, and I have a smooth hand. To take care of me: machine wash cold, do not bleach, and tumble dry low. I am a knit Ultrasuede dress made from a polymer microfiber.I look like real leather suede, but I do not use any animal products. Unlike real leather suede, I can be machine washed, I am resistant to stains, and discoloration. Ultrasuede Dress Production Process of Ultrasuede: I am most likely piece dyed. I am not a costly garment which means that I would not have been dope dyed or yarn dyed. As well, I do not show fading in areas of multiple pieces of fabric, so I am not garment dyed. I have a suede finish that makes me look like leather suede, I have a good hand and cover, and I am resistant to stains and discoloration. I was designed by the Lovemarks company in Los Angles.I was outsourced to China to be produced because it is cheaper.Textile workers in China work an average of 70 hours per week and earn on average $200 a month. Most of the time these workers do not receive any state benefits or protection. Outsourcing allows for fashion companies to produce their designs cheaply and make a high profit, but it is at the expense of the workers.
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