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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hard palate the study of sounds of human speach. The basis for the phonetic transcription of speech is International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). articulation is the movement of the tongue, lips, jaw, and other speech organs (the articulators) in order to make speech sounds. Phonetics speech sounds Lips alveolar are sounds made with tongue touching here. Alveolar ridge . Tongue Soft palate a consonant made with the tongue close to the hard palate is called palatal. velar are sounds made whentongue is in contact with the lower side of the soft palate. sounds made with the tongue touching the front teeth are called dental Teeth sounds made with the lips arecontact with each other are called bilabial,while those with lip-to-teeth contact are called labiodental it is a very important articulator andit can moved into many different places to make soundes suonds Long the short vowels are /ɪ/ (as in kit), /ʊ/ (as in foot), /ɛ/ (as in dress), /ʌ/ (as in strut), /æ/ (as in trap), /ɒ/ (as in lot). A syllable is a word or part of a word whichcontains a single vowel sound. It is a single unit of speech. Short They divided by length and quality which resulting from tongue shape and position, and lips position. the long vowels are /iː/ (as in fleece), /uː/ (as in goose), /ɜː/ (as in nurse), /ɔː/ as in north and thought, and /ɑː/ (as in father and start). sounds at the beginning of a syllable,occurring beforethe nucleus. Syllable Structure the onset the nucleus the coda usually the vowel in the middle of a syllable. comprises the consonantsounds of a syllablethat follow the vowel. Stress is often reinforced by allophonic vowel length,especially when it is lexical diphthongs centering inding in ə ɪə̯ 'briə̯d'eə̯ 'eə̯red'uə̯ 'muə̯red' closing inding in u - ə̯u 'lə̯ud' - au 'hause' - eɪ 'feɪce'- aɪ 'naɪce'- ɔɪ 'vɔɪce' inding in ɪ sounds wich consist of movementor glide from one vowel to another assimilation a common phonological process by whichone sound becomes more like a nearby sound. by manner of articulation alvelor with not alvelar bilabialdentalvelar t - d - n p, ðaep pɜːsnt̪, ðaet̪ θ̱iŋk, kwaik kud b, gub baɪd̪, bad̪ ðɪŋg, kɑːg geɪm m, grɪːm peɪpə̯n̥, faɪn̥ θ̱ɔːtŋ, teŋ gɜːlz jʃ ʒ, ðə̯uʒ jiə̯zʃ, ðɪʃ ʃuː plosive become friactiveor nasal by manner of articulation s, ðaes saidd, gun nait Asma'a AL-Fageeh s-z td
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