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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Perfect Democracy My government is a democracyand the leader is the prime minister.The government is responsible for making the decisonsthat the public want.The public is reponsible for accepting the decisions of the government. The positive effect of this is thatthe leader probably knows what's best for the country so they'll make the right decisions basedon what the public want.Unlike in Egypt,where the public does not get a say about what's going on. The leader would create an orpha-nage and places where you canfind a job to eliminate peoplewith no jobs.The leader would have to make a number of places of welfare.The citizens would have to appreciatethe services of thegovernment.The good thing is that everyone will have a job which will decrease poverty.In North Korea however,there is the least amount of welfare in the world. The leader would use the money collected by the rich people and use it to improve the country,as well as trade.The government will use the money to improve the country.The public must use the things that the government provided wisely.The positive effect will be that it will improve my country in many ways.In North Korea,even though they have high taxes,the government doesn't use on the country. The prime minister will make most of the decisionslike in the UK.The cabinet and other minsters will alsohelp as well as the public will get a say.The responsibility of the government is to make the right decisions and theresponsibility of the public is to accept the decisions that government made.The positive thing about this is that theleader knows what the public wants so they can make thebest decisions.However,in Saudi Arabia the king makes alldecisions with no say from the public whatsoever. In my country the public will vote for their next leader just like in the UK.The government will be responsible for making sure every person has 1 vote.The responsibility of the public will be to follow the rules of the government.The great thing about allowing the public to vote will be that everyone will get to vote for their next leader fairly.Unlike in Hong Kong,where everyone over 18 years of age still doesn't get to vote. The members of my govern-ment will go around and ask people from the public about how they think that they can improve the country.The government will have to make sure that everyone get's their point of viewaccepted.The responsibility of the public will be to give sensible views how to improve the country.The good thing is that every-one will get a say abouthow they want their country to improve.However,in Saudi Arabia the king does notlet the public give their ideas. mom My Only 17% welfare in North Korea since 2010! Democracy!!! Article 19 of the Universal Decleration of Human Rightsstates that every human has the right to expressing theiropinions and ideas. France has the most generous welfare system in the world! WE CAN ALL VOTE! Sources:
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