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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Timeline Of Atom Development and the Periodic Table 1. John Dalton {1766-1844} Friendster and Aol {1856-1940} JJ Thomson 1. John Dalton had a theory and later proved it that there were little things inside of all matter caled atoms.2. Also Dalton stated that these little particles called atoms were to small to be devided any further.3 .Daltons model was centered around five basic theories and helped him create his model.4. One of the theories is that elements are made of atoms,second it says that every element has the same number of atoms.5.Lastly his theories stated that atomic weight is how to tell differnt elements apart. My Space September of 2003 My Space was created by Tom Anderson and Chris Dewolfe. Facebook { 1871-1937}Ernest Rutherford 1. JJ Thompson created his model thinking that the nuclues was tiny and in the dirrect center of every atom2. Also he stated that the rest of the soace was made up of electrons that had a negitive charge.3. The entire rest of the atom was called a ball of positve charge.4. In his model he said that the negitivly charged eletrons orbited around the nucleus.5. Many people call his model the plum pudding model becuase of the elctron capsules that were in a ball of positve charge. MySpace/ Twitter/ Facebook 2006 Twitter was founded by Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, and Biz Stone. Myspace became the most popular social media networking site in the U.S. Facebook has now expanded their member ship to 13 or more of age. Tumblr February of 2007 Tumblr was then founded by David Karp. Tumblr is now owned by Yahoo Inc. April of 2008 Facebook Facebook now outnumber the number of users of Myspace. Facebook attempts to buy Twitter but fails trying to. Facebook/ Twitter/ Google Plus 2011 Facebook reaches 500,000,000 users. Twitter then has 56,000,000 members. Google Plus is launched in 2011 and is own by Google Incorperated. 2012 Facebook/ Twitter/ Google Plus 1,000,000,000 users uses Facebook. 500,000,000 people use Twitter. 400,000,000 members on Google Plus. Huy Nguyen Huy Nguyen
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