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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FTM's New Year "Healthy Challenge" How regular yoga practice benefits children and teens New Year "Healthy Challenge" We all know that from Thanksgiving to Christmas Holidays we gain almost every pound we've worked hard to get rid off during the whole year!Here are some tips to get back on the healthy track Builds awareness of self, othersand the wider world. Encouragesempathy, tolerance and understanding. Calms the mind, improvingconcentration, attention-span,learning ability and memoryfunction. Visualisation & breathworkreduce anxiety and helpkids to cope with the stressof modern life. Regular asana practiceimproves posture, endurance,strength and flexibility. Improves balance, bodyawareness and alignment Do a breathing exercise! In fact, Functional TherapyMagazine shared some breathing exercise/methodwith you on Youtube. Balances the endocrinesystem for hormonalhealth. Children grow with the correctbalance of joint stability and mobility. Try some sports! Sportsare always fun. If you'renot into hitting the gym,you can still get in shapeby playing some sports gameshere and there Unwind a little. We all know that as much funas holidays are, theycan be a bit tiring andstressful. So allowyour mind and body to relax and unwind Run! After pigging out for a whole month,you have to get back on shape. Running, jogging or walking everymorning has a lotof benefits to offer We're pretty sure you've eatenuntil your pants won't fit anymore during the holidays,so this New Year, you mightwant to cut it down and take it moderately when it comes to eating. Remember,it's all in the balance If you've got a history of healthcondition be sure to check inwith your doctor/ physician regularly to keep track of your health. Make this your new healthy habit
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