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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TIMELINE Period 7 That Way 1800's 1908 1913 Modern Day Gabe Huante Thomson Rutherford Bohr Modern Atomic Model 5 facts 5 facts 5 facts 5 facts 5 facts Dalton 1897 1. Believed elements are composed of atom.2. Can't be separated 1. Ernest discovered the nucleus. 2. Predicted the nucleus contained protons. 3. Rutherford's modelwas different from Thomson's because Rutherford's has a nucleus. 4. believed negative particles are outside the nucleus. 5. First project wasworking on alpha and betaparticles. 1. Provied first hint that atoms are made up of particles.2. stated atoms have negative & positive charges.3. Thought that (+) & (-) charges floated around the atom.4. Came up with the idea that hismodel looked like plum pudding.5. Origanlly called the particles corpuscles 1. Believed electrons moved in definite orbits.2.The electrons orbitedthe nucleus. 3.there were also particles inside the nucleus while the electrons are moving around it. 4. Bohr and also othersbeloeive his model looks like planets orbitingthe sun. 5. In bohrs model there are only orbiting electrons and protons inside the nucleus. 1. (+) charged nucleus. 2. Neutral charge particles also in nucleus. 3. (-) charge electrons surrounding the nucleus. 4. Electrons don't havea specific orbit.5. same amount of neutrons, protons, and electrons. 3. Believed atoms are indestructible4. Atoms of different elementsare different atoms.5. Atoms of same elementare same atom.
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