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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Road to a Successful ACT Average National ACT Score:English-20.2Science-20.7Math-20.9Reading-21.1Composite-20.9 23.5 23.8 23.0 24.1 21.9 22.7 24.0 22.9 22.3 23.0 20.6 22.6 23.4 22.7 21.8 18.7 20.4 19.9 19.6 21.7 20.6 22.1 19.6 19.5 20.7 20.4 18.9 19.5 20.2 22.1 21.6 23.0 20.5 21.5 21.8 20.8 20.9 21.3 19.8 20.4 19.9 19.6 22.2 21.3 20.7 22.1 21.5 22.8 20.1 21.1 Take a free practice test: helps with understanding errors made Select an ACT course: offer practice tests, learning plans, instructions and strategies to improve score Purchase an ACT book: gives tips, strategies and sometimes tests Download an ACT app: customizable learning, immediatefeedback and study groups Read each question carefully Pace yourself-don't spend too much time on a question Answer the easy questions first, then the hard ones Eliminate as many incorrect answers on difficult questions Answer every question. There is no penalty for guessing For the ACT Writing, plan before writing, stay focused on topic, use specific examples and include a strong conclusion Make sure to have a positive attitude when studying Be focused, alert and calm while studying and make sure to study under the right conditions Have the right learning tools near while studying:-Dictionary-Calculator-Paper and Pencil-Highlighter-Notecards Learn in a variety of ways:-Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic-Sequential Create a study plan: make a list of what needs to be studied and set a time frame for studying Learning Strategies: ask questions, highlight and take notes Go to bed early and get everything you need for ACT ready Success During the Test Learning Styles and Methods Preparing for the Test Study Environment and Attitude
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