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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE MARKET WRAP DIGITAL MARKETING DECEMBER 2014 ROWBEN DIGITAL'S FAVOURITE START-UPS 2014 VINOMOFO: The Melbourne e-commerce company has won a few awards this year & has stayed true to its values: 100% mofo happiness SPOTJOBS: We heard a lot of these guys this year, theyve totally owned their market category are one of our favourites! NIMBLE: The little loans tech company has grown massively this year &has secured a solid $10m funding round. Go! SHOES OF PREY: Rowbens ladies favourite start-up of the year! Design your own shows and get exactly what you want. WHAT WILL BE BIG IN 2015 CONTENT MARKETING We would also like to officially announce thatfrom Jan 2015, we will be sponsoring the Melbourne Content Strategy MeetUp. Find out more here MOBILE FIRST Content marketing is the marketing & business process for creating & distributing relevant & valuable content to attract, acquire, & engage a clearly defined & understood target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action. WEARABLES AND THE INTERNET OF THINGS CONTENT STRATEGY MEET-UP The Internet of Things (iot) is the interconnection of uniquelyidentifiable embedded computing devices within the existing Internet infrastructure. It's products & things that are web-connected. This includes everything from smart thermostats & garage doors to toothbrushes, tennis racquets& even your bed. They collect data about how you use them, learn your habits, typically connect to an app & give you feedbackto improve your lifestyle. APPLE APP OF 2014 Mobile broadband will continue to grow rapidly & by 2015 one billion people will use it as their only form of internet access, which is 28 per cent of all users globally or 13 percent of the worlds population AN ADAPTIVE SOLUTION FOR WEB DESIGN MOST USED PHRASES OF 2014 UBER: The giant San Fran tech start-up has made a lot of noise in Australiathis year, changing the transport landscape for ever. We like their
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