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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WFM Pacific Northwest Team Trainer Program The goal of the PN Team Trainer Program is to offer guidance to store and team leadership in creating a unified Team Trainer program across the Pacific Northwest Region of Whole Foods Market (WFM) Team Trainer CertificationComplete the trainthetrainer certification program Team Trainer CertificationComplete the train-the-trainer certification program A path of team leadership in the future Be a partner with multiple stakeholders Onboarding of New Members Support the successful on boarding ofNew Members; continuously educate TMs on dept. specific products, skills, missions, and programs Be a conduit of information Attend team trainer meetings andbe a conduit of information to the team Use this position as a stepping stone to gain knowledge and experience for other leadership positions (ie: Supervisor/ATL/TL) Work closely with team leadership, TMSL, store leadership, team Coordinator/Associate Coordinator and Market Traineron addressing dept. specific training needs Any team member hired as a Team Trainerwill have their hourly rate of pay be increased to acknowledge the increase in responsibilities of the Team Trainer role. This program is open to existing team members who have been employed for at least six (6) consecutive months; are in good standing; have the appropriate skills and abilities outlined in the job description and posting; and have the approval of their Team Leader (TL) and Store Team Leader (STL).
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