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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Unfed by. kristy McKay Conflics Bobby must figure out decry-pted massages from her mom .when she wakes up she must find her boyfriend and her mom ,they might be the only ones with a plan. water theme: sometimes people are not who they appear to be beverages this is the story about a team of teenagers who are trying to figure out how to escape for a zombie infested UK. Bobby(main character) I know this is the theme this because a traitor in this book who ends up splinting them up..who knows what they will do this there prisoners Person.Vs.Personthe survivors being gunned down as game. When the Bobbyawakens from her mini coma she is in a army hospital. after believing that she is 1 out of 4 an alarm goes off and she is forced to fiend for herself when tiny zombie brats come to play When she has escaped the zom brats she climbs through the vents she stumbles across her companion Alice. the 4 survivors are revealed Pete,Russ in addition to Alice and Bobby. They began trying to figure what the massages sent to bobby meant .(could it be salvation) The school bus full of teens crashed trying to get away for zombies. 5 snippets form the book 5 out of 7 DB and i gave it this rating because it was a good book. Also it has some good imaginary Who who was the carrier of the zombie virus? Pete because he got bit Russ Bobby Alice this is the answer!
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