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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Effects of Using Performance Enhancing Drugs Why it's a problem Using Performance Enhancing Drugs is a problem becauseathletes use them to cheat at sports which makes it unfairfor the other team. This is a relevant address because people have been using them for a long time and they are still using them and nothing has been done to stop them. Why Should this be a public concern This should be a public concern because these drugs allow players to cheat in sports and they a dangerous and come with bad side effects. Also how would you feel if your favorite team got disqualified because one person used the drugs. We need to stop these drugs so that everyone can enjoy the game. How people use the drugs Most of the people who use the drugs are athletes. They use them for various sports and sometimes for training. A policy to stop the drugs A policy that we can make to stop performance enhancing drugs is to test athletes for these drugs before every game and moniter them during training and before a game. People would be against the policy because some people don't want to be checked because they want their privacy plus people wouldn't know what to look for because there is still debates overwhat things should be counted as a performance enhancing drug for example some people think caffeine should be counted as one because it gives people a boost in energy. Why some people would be against the policy
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