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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Age Macular Degeneration? What's that?? What is that? AMD is a progressive condition which attacks the macula of our eyes, where our sharpest vision occurs. This is AMD!! huh? AMD affects everybody?? how many AMD(s) are there? =( how to know if you have AMD SIgns(Dry):-Drusen-thinning of macula-hyper/ hypopigmentation of retinaWet-Growth of blood vessels-bleeding of blood vessels Symptoms-Loss or blurry of central vision-Perceiving straight lines as wavy lines-Colour vision problems Is there any way to cure AMD? >.< Well currently,there is no cure for AMD. However, they are ways to manage and treat AMD. So don't worry!! Management-providing Amsler chart to patient for self assessment-advice patient to cut down on smoking-advice on healthy lifestyle(eg. regular exercise, taking vitamin C and E, leafy vegetables-regular follow up on condition! Treatment-Anti-angiogenic drugs. Prevents new development of blood vessels by injection in the eye-Argon laser therapy. Destroy actively growing abnormal blood vessels-Photodynamic laser therapy. Sensitive drug will be instilled into the eye first, which will then be activated by shining a cold laser into the eye. This will damage the abnormal blood vessels Now you know what's AMD,time to take care of your eyes! Do what your optometrist says! Treating of AMD =) Not everyone will get it, generallypeople above 50yo will havehigher chance. others factorsinclude:-Smoking (x2 risk)-Diet -Sunlight-Obesity-AMD in one eye-Genetics 1.ARM: Age-related Maculopathy-Yellow deposits, called Drusens, at the macula 2.Dry AMD-Drusens from beneath macula on the retina causing it to degenerate overtime3.Wet AMD-Abnormal blood vessels under the retina begin to grow towards the macula. Blood vessels may tend to break, bleed and leak fluid-Cause rapid and severe loss of central vision
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