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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Chelsea FC have strong SEO as they appear at the top of the organicsearch results on the major search engines, due to:- Strong content - Conversation starter - Fuels inbound effects from partner sites- Creating strong back links to CFC Metrics & Analytics An Overview of Performance ANALYTICS- Competitive analysis via KPI's = RESULTS- Allows for informed decisions across paid, earned and owned media. Google Analytics has reduced our customer acquisition costs by 30%." Daisy Downs Chief Marketing Officer Urbansitter Google Analytics has reduced our customer acquisition costs by 30%." Daisy Downs Chief Marketing Officer Urbansitter Data combined for predictions Linking data Measuring attribution across channelsAligning marketing and ITClarifying regulatory barriers Organisations important Analytic Objectives (%) Lack of: Agreement on purpose & SMART objectives Resources Funding to invest in complex integrated systems e.g Social BakersFurther Challenges: Difficulty interpreting first touch vs last touch attribution data Must be willing to invest Interpretation of data & adopting their content distribution strategy Lack of:- Agreement on purpose & SMART objectives- Resources- Funding to invest in complex integrated systems e.g Social BakersFurther Challenges:- Difficulty interpreting first touch vs last touch attribution data- Must be willing to invest- Interpretation of data & adopting their content distribution strategy Challenges / Issues Marketing Sherpa (2012) Benefits - Business insights - Marketing campaign optimization - Website usability improvement - Target audience identification- Budget allocation - Conversions Jackson, (2009) References:Analytics (2014). Google Analytics Official Website Web Analytics & Reporting. Available at: (Accessed: 11 December 2014).Chaffey, D. and Smith, P. R.. (2013). Social media marketing. In: Chaffey, D. and Smith, P. R. Emarketing Excellence: Planning and Optimizing your Digital Marketing. Oxon: Routledge. p220-245.Chaffey, D. (2013) Introducing RACE: A practical framework to improve your digital marketing [Online]. Smart Insights. Available from: <> [Accessed 12 December 2014]Doran, G. T. (1981). "There's a S.M.A.R.T. way to write management's goals and objectives". Management Review (AMA FORUM) 70 (11): 3536.Gabbert, E. (2012) The Importance of A/B Testing: 24 Marketing Experts on Their Most Surprising A/B Test [Online]. Wordstream. Available from: <> [Accessed 12 December 2014]Google analytics (2014) Ecommerce Tracking Web Tracking (ga.js) [Online]. Available from: <> [Accessed 12 December 2014]Kohli, J. (2013) How social media analytics can benefit your business [Online]. Information Week. Available from: <> [Accessed 11 December 2014Leverage New Age Media (no date). Social Media Comparison Infographic. Available at: (Accessed: 11 December 2014).Similar Web. (2014). Connecting Site... Available at: (Accessed: 14 December 2014).Socialbakers. (2014). Measuring What Matters: Knowing Your Audience, Content, and Key Metrics. Available: Last accessed 30/10/14.Social Toaster (2014) Fan Advocacy 101. Available at: (Accessed: 12 December 2014). METRICS 49% 29% 25% 24% 5% 1. PLAN 2. EMAIL Unsubscribe Rate - ChelseaFC never want to lose a viewer, good to know what drives a fan away.Open Rates - Measure of relevance & effectiveness of subject lines.CFC's traffic to website via Maximising reach by list growth rate Open Rates:- Subject line effectiveness?- Name of sender- Delivery date/times- Clicking linked image/text - Tweets vs email 2. SOCIAL MEDIA Integrated systems e.g Argyle SociaIllustrate:- Consumer preferences - Market trends - Brand awareness- Customer buyer behavior- Spending patterns Acquisition Rate: 3. WEB CVR optimization (ChelseaFC)- Relevant ad's & landing pages - Use Google analytics for no. of site visitors- De-clutter via separate layouts- # of sign ups via Quantcast - Act upon web based metrics to create relevant & useful content for CFC fans. Chelsea FC can A/B test the appearance of the website to determine most effective layout. For example:- Button size- Colours - Ad frequency/size- Key word insertion - Image to text ratio 4. E-COMMERCE Converting sales within buyer stagesAnalytics capture buyer behaviour & purchase intentions e.g incomplete purchase.Chelsea's email data base allows for re-marketing and email automation A/B Split Campaign A/B Web Testing PURCHASE CONVERSION RATE 22% 18% (Gabbert, 2012) Total participants accepting offer Total audience 5. FAN ADVOCACY (ChelseaFC) - Measured via positive feedback on social media/hastags e.g CFC - Offers to repeat customers via Chelsea utilizing a fan advocacy campaign:- Which campaigns, challenges/contests are CFC superfans are performing the best. Chelsea FC need to create content that will drive inbound effect from partner sites and outposts.The effectiveness of the content can be monitored over the varietyof communication platforms that they use. (Chaffey, 2013) IndonesiaEgyptBrazilThailandOther Chelsea FC Fan Distribution Local Fans Percentage of Fan Base 4,658,676 2,438,079 2,289,280 3,123,31927,570,319 11.9% 6.2% 5.9% 5.4% 70.5% (Social Bakers, 2014) How can Chelsea FC benefit from Metrics & Analytics? 9% DROP IN ORGANIC REACH FROM 2013 - 2014 (Social Bakers 2014) (Afsar, 2013) (Kohli, 2013) (Social Toaster, 2014) (Social Toaster, 2014) 19.22% Chelsea FC search traffic = Chelsea FC should avoid paying or display ad's as it only drives: 0.02% (Similar Web, 2014) Estimated Visits 3.5MTime On Site 00:02:40Page Views 2.54Bounce Rate 55.49% Web Traffic Overview On Desktop, Nov, 2014 (Similar Web, 2014) 0.17% Chelsea FC must analyse metrics in order to meet differing objectives CFC should continue investment in home countries as UK traffic: 23.63% (Similar Web, 2014) CFC Social Media Traffic 72.24% 14.29% 12.64% Therefore, maintain FB campaigns and run inline with Twitter and Reddit to increase web traffic. (Similar Web, 2014) Key analytics for CFC to focus on:- Post share rates- Engagement & mentions- Impressions- Chelsea superfan reach
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