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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Technical Skills User Experience Design After looking at the skills requiredfor being a UX designer,I then accessed myself tosee if I had the required skills. Soft Skills Product Design Background Research Skills As a UX Designer, designfocused research,such as usability testing,ethnography, user interviews,card sorting and analytics.Good designs are founded ongood research and feedback,and UXdesigners should be skilled ingathering this sort of information. I analysed some of the technicalskills required for a UX Designerand these are some of the skillsthat I identified that I need towork on. Writing (Reports, User Profile etc) Wireframing Coding Visual Communication Carissa Soh 12052529C Personable As a UX Designer, communicationis key,and these are some of theessential soft skills required. Active Listening Organization User Centered Thinking is the heartof UX Design because as obvious asit may seem, if the designer does notbother to find out about the needs,wants and pain points for the user,then they will be unable to redesign the experience for them. Many companies value UX Designerswith an Industrial Design background,due to the skill sets that they have suchas viewing in 3D, cadding and having atangible solution.UX practice today, has many parallels to industrial design, and together is a goodrepresentation of User Centered Design. User Centered Thinking Problem Solving Empathy Active Listening
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