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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pausinas claims love between man and woman is common. He says it is the love felt by the vulgar, who are attached to women no less than to boys, tothe body more than to the soul, and to the least intelligent partners, since all they care about is completing the sexual act Views of Aristotle(6th century) Marriage and Education according to 'On Household Management' by Xenophon (4th century) Marriage and Education(4th Century) Females married when they reached puberty.While boys of the same age received education and military training, girls gavebirth to future citizens. Roles of Greek Women in Life and Literature This socratic dialoguegives us insight into educationof women. Women were given the knowledge of wool, spinning, the making of clothes, and food preparation. Needed to be educatedin these areas to get a husband. Women were viewed as subordinate. Aristotle stated that he just do (did) not understand women. He thought they were receptacles for men and they should not be seen as educated or rational beings. Women werent allowed to goanywhere or do anything unlessthey were young and unmarried, and even then only when accompanied by their father. They were forced to stay at homerearing children and staying out oftheir husbands way. Lack ofFreedom (6th century) Sexuality according to 'the Symposium', by Plato (385-375 BC) Hesiod's TheoganyCirca 700BC The origins of the Greek Gods were from male led and dominated legends Many sources similar to this promoted homosexuality asthe female was loathed bymany, and seen only as a sourceof reproduction and an objectof sexual satisfaction. Men denied sexual attractionto females
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