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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cerebral Palsy Quick Fact: What is CP? Cerebral Palsy also known as CP is a neurological disorder that is caused by a brain injury or an abnormal development in the brain that occurs when a child's brain in under active.It can be caused before, during, or after birth. Cerebral Palsy has a major impact on a child'sbody movement, muscle control,muscle coordination, reflex & balance. CP also affects a child'sfine motor skills, gross motor skills, & oral motor functions. Every cause of CP is different &unique. It may affect one limb, some limb, or all them.It varies with each individual. It can happen if there is negligence or abuse involved or it can be while the child is skill in the womb. A mother could have contracted some type of infection that was left untreated which affected the child. Stats: CP by the Numbers Number of people that have CP; globally ! Babies diagnosed with CP Causes34,000 new cases of cancer $29 Million Annual medical costs associated with CP-related treatmentin the US. 12,000cervial cancer 2,800anal cancer 1,700neck/throat cancers 500vaginal cancer 2,100vulvar cancer 6,700neck/throat cancers 1,500anal cancer 600penial cancer Created by SoRe Clothing as part of SoRe S.E.X.. All these facts and more can be found at or Be SoRe. Your life depends on it. 17,100,000 1 in 500 Learn more at:
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