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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Haymarket Riot! Who are the Haymarket 8? Who threw the bomb? At 7:30 PM:General superintendent of thePolice, Fedrick Ebersold,officers to report at Des Plainesstreet station. At 7:45 PM:Captain A.W. Hathaway ordered25 men in pursuance of said order,to report at Des Plainesstreet station to inspector JohnBonfield for duty. At 9:00 PM:Officers were informed that the meeting was not being held at theMarket Place, but they had movedto a point on Des Plaines street, between Randolph and Lake Street, and about 350 feet from Des Plainesstations. Between 8:00 PM and 9:30 PM:Nothing of inflammatory nature wassaid until a man named Fielden tookthe stand and advised his hearers to"throttle the law." Also, advised themto exterminate the capitalists and to doit that night. At 10:15 PM:Officers were ordered to fall in by inspector John Bonfield, and were commanded to march company front. When the officers were in the act ofhalting, a bomb was thrown from theeast side of Des Plaines street, and it exploded instantly. Shooting began rightafter for about three to five minutes.Once it was over, officers werescattered around either injuredor dead. May 4, 1886 ANARCHISTS 1. Assault with an explosive. 2. Assault with a firearm 3. Physical assault. Indictments: 4.Aiding and abetting with an unknown person. Sources: -Haymarket timeline made in class.- Indictments article
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