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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 5 questions to ask yourself DONATE Copyright Beauty Blogging Bliss How the Western World View grew out of the Reaissance double click to change this header text! Societies became more urban.Shifting to the cities rather than rural areasPeople also began to see them selves as citizens of the country they live in.The citizens also began to move free out of their class.The growth and power brought competition between themand the church.People now still are with countries and societies Citizens development new identities of belonging to a state as well as their local communities and recognizing all the elements such aslanguage, religion, beliefs of what life should beThey also found many other countries so citizens moved there and there was more trade from different countries. But there was also more war between the countries. Gunpowder was first introduced in China. The gunpowder changed the battlesbetween the monarchs and the nobles that owned feudal propertiesThe gunpowder brought more and more wars between countries also as the countries got larger Wars now still use gunsand new technolegy. How citizens changed the Renaissance Societies in the Renaissance Change in Wars The invention of the printing press helped create national identites Provided histories an heros for people Books were written on the histories of the countries Inventions that changed Renaissance Exploration of new lands also led to a sense of greater national identities.The citizens devoloped pride to the new discoveries of the land.Also exploration of land broughttrade from Europe,Asia, Africa, and the New World. They traded lots of goods such as rubber, canoes, snowshoes, toboggans, chewing gum, new dyes,wood, and pharmaceutical. Also with the trading brought disease so also many people died. New discoveries in the Renaissance
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