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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SMOKING Smoking is the cause of millions of deaths. Any one that has smoked a cigarette has a time bomb inside them. When the smoke is inhaled by a person that is not smoking, they are exposed to secondhand smoke. Thanks to smokers,50,000 deaths are caused by secondhand smoke every year. If someone's smokedthey only have so much time to defuse the bomb. Types of cigarretes Masculinecigarettes Filters Lights Ultra lights As they have no filter, you inhale the WHOLE cigarette making itharsh on your throat. Mostly targeted for oldmen and addicts. Targeted towardsmen. Advertised in magazines and such. Displayed as the "tough" cigarette A smoker's cup of tea. Nottoo strongnot too weak. Probably the most popular too lightest cigarettes in the market.People that want to quit switch to this what does it cause Filterless Has a cotton filter and is still a LITTLE harsh on the throat. It stillresults in a bad cough. Targeted at smokers who need more nicotine. sources: made with Feminine Cigarettes These are plain cruel. They comein different shapes and sizes.Women like the dainty ones Long 'nskinny 100% for woman. Boxes are pinkand baby blue. Twice as long as normalcigarettes. Lung diseases Trouble breathing Weight gain Decreased heart rate Trouble concentrating Contains over 4,800 chemicals,69 of which cause Cancer About 69 percentof smokerswantto quit Every cigarette reduces your expectedlifespan by 11 minutes Did you know? The first native European to smokewas arrested for being thought to be possessed by the devil double click to change this title text!
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