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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Napoleon did not have integrity because he fought for the French Revolution while at the same time he was trying to become a dictator, or someone in high authority. He became everything he was supposedly fighting against. In one document he even said that he thought that the idea that the people had of governing themselves was "silly". He thought that the people wouldn't be able to lead themselves and that they needed someone in power to lead them. He later became dictator and even crowned himself. Also, during the war against the Spanish she didn't take any prisoners, all rebels were shot. Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte Has a Vision Has a Vision Napoleon was able to gain more power when he allowed for religious tolerance. He knew that religion was a big reason for rebellion so he allowed people to practice their religions freely. He himselfnever had much of an interest for religionbut he knew that many had very strongreligious beliefs. So in order for him to remain a leader without being overthrown he decided to allow religious freedom. Has The Cooperation The People Has The Cooperation The People No Integrity No Integrity Able to Strategically Plan Able to Strategically Plan People liked Napoleon because he fought alongside them. he wouldnt be behind his men on his horse (earning him the nickname the little corporal; he would be in the front line quickly gained the trust and the cooperation of the people. This cooperation was carried throughout the majority of Napoleons reign.. Napoleon had a vision for himself and for France. He was power-hungry and he was . He would do everything hecould to gain more power and be in a position of high athourity. He became a dictator and even crowned himself,turning him into everything he and the French people were fighting against during the French Revolution.His vision was power for himself. Napoleon showed his ability to make strongdecisions when he staged a coup d'etat (anillegal seizure of the current government). When he staged this coup Napoleon knewhis consequences, he knew what wouldhappen if he failed, and yet he did it anyway. When you make a decision as big as overthrowing a whole governmentyou need to make the decision and stickwith it, no matter what. Which is precisely what Napoleon did. Is Decisive Is Decisive
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