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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Section: Afternoon By: Ade Falade & Shalini Moua Summary Adam's decripstion The story starts off when Adam going to retrievewater after his father tells him proper etiquette. Adam then uses a "spell" to ward off evil from the water whom his little brother hears. He thengoes to his grandmother to discuss about religion.Later at dinner, as his father, who is a very religiousman who hates superstition thing, tells Adam that he won't become a man if be keeps on believing on the superstitious stuff.The argument is then interrupted by Cousin Simmons who swing by to seek Moses' criticism. Moses and Cousin Simmons then leave to a meeting at town hall while Adam leaves the house as well. - Main Character- Misunderstands his father- Gets along with his grandmother- Quarrels with his little brother - Superstitious- 15 (not a man yet)Adam Cooper is a young adolescent teen, who struggles to prove to everyone he is truly a man. Like his father Adam likes trying people and pushing them to their limitts, this is most commonly potrayed in coversatios with his gradma. He is stubborn and usually never sees other peoples side of view. Though he is the first born he feels as if he is the least favorite, but in retrospect it is not all his fault as his father only caters his little brother levis foolishness. Moses Cooper's Decripstion - Antagonist- Extremely religious- Hates superstitious- Stern
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