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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 mentally ill humanizing the Modern viewsenable degradingactions anddiscrimination In the 4th centuryBC, people withmental disorderswere glorified Mental disorders are commonly associated with a negative social stigma In a study of Polish teens questioned believed most criminalswere mentally ill, and believed 46% 44% those who suffer from disorders aremore cruel and v i o l e n t than others Affective disorders, such as bipolar disorder, canenhance many beneficial characteristics like-- c r e a t i v i t y Because of the bias in media,those uneducated on thecauses and effects of mentalillnesses never learn how todisassociate from thedemeaning social stigma The increased cognitive thought process actuallypromotes greater creative levels! of 31 patients with bipolar disorder believedtheir mania episodesincreased creativity 81% The misrepresentations of what mental disordersactually encompass are only reinforced by the dishonoring coverageof the media due to misconstrued beliefs By enforcing schools to teach proper knowledge andto embrace commendable qualities developed bymental illnesses, society can be better suited tojudge treatment and/or involvement in communities famousmental artists Edvard MunchVincent van GoghMichelangeloGeorgia O'KeeffePablo PicassoJackson PollockFrancisco GoyaFrancis BaconMark RothkoPaul GauguinEdgar DegasJoan Miro did u kno: oppression wuz never c00l
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