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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Inquiry 2.2 1.).Does it matter how close the magnets are to the armature?Yes, it does matter how close the magnets are to the armature because if it is put too close to the armature, then the magnet attaches to the armature therefore, it cant spin. If you put the magnet too far, it wont have the power to spin.2.) Does it matter which poles of the magnets face the armature?Yes, it does matter if the poles of the magnet face the armature because there are 2 big poles and 2 small poles on a magnet. Perhaps, the bigger poles might create more movement to the motor.3.)Experiment to find as many ways as possible to make the motor turn slowly. Record what you do. In order to make the motor turn slowly, we put the magnet in a further direction.4.) Find ways to make the motor change direction. List all the ways you can find.In order to make the motor change directions, we exchanged one wire and took another wire and exchanged their places.5.) In your notebook, write a paragraph that summarizes what you learned about how a motor works. Describe what you did to make the motor change how fast it spins and what you did to make it change the direction it spins. You may want to include drawings to help explain what you did. We learned that it takes a lot of electricity to make a motor function. We changed the distance of the magnet to the armature in order to change how fast or slow it goes. We exchanged some wires places with other wires to make the armature turn the other way.6.)What kind of work do you think a motor like the one you used could do? Describe a way you might use this kind of small electric motor to do some work for you. We think that this kind of motor might power a small device, like a small battery-powered fan. For fun, we would experiment more and place the motor into a little toy car, and the make the car move.7.)Read Car Motors on the next page. Think of another system that uses multiple motors. Write a description of what the different motors do.A large machine to help lift things, like a crane has many motors. One crane has about eight different motors! One is called a lifting motor and the other is frequency-converted slewing motor. We think that the lifting motor generally gets electricity and increases the height of the crane to lift or drop objects. The frequency-converted slewing motor offers convincingly sensitive, stepless operation, extended performance ranges and high trolley speeds, especially under load.
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