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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Renaissance Europe...The Development of our Western Worldview TITLE Technology Religion Social Mobility Education Potato Humanism Art in the Renaissance time was basedon the human body, how it looked, the basics of it.It was all related to how the human looked like,for example the woman in the art, were usually built, and had curves. One of the most famous peopleof art and creativity, smartness and smart people, was named, Leonardo Da Vinci, he created theMona Lisa, he was also an architect, he createdlots of new things. He was very smart and had a huge contribution into todays society. Another for of art in this time were plays, shake spear madeup a lot the most common id'e say is Romeo andJuliet. Art Science I LikeTurtles Humanism is all about humans,The human mind, body, and thought,The development of ideas,How we interact, how we do thethings that we do. With scientific explanation, with evidenceand proof, not from a book. Religion in the Renasaince time period wasnot as deeply believed,or deeply thought about.People started wanting proof,visual evidence, they wantedto know more about human kindand everything else out there!People still believed in the god that they didbut some wern't as strong to it. In the Renaissance time period, thesocial structure wasn't as harsh asthe time before this, people were able to start movingaround to different ranks, peasants could finally move up to say, a lord.Everyone was able to move aroundwith a bit of hard work. Before that people were born into theirclass. A king a king, a peasant a peasant. Education was now beingallowed for everyone, newsubjects came know asMath, science and L.A.Lots of people had startedgetting an education andalso learned on their own,studying nature and the humanbody, thinking of new ideas. Science was one of the newlydeveloped subject, and it was based on the studyingof the things around us, gettinga clear answer, not a made up one.Science was made to show proof of things, this subject lowered howinto people were in religion. Technology was also making a huge advancement in this time, with people gaining new ideas and allowed to trythem out, new things came to be, people made new types of buildings, new ways to do things, easier ways todo things. People started getting new ideas for war machines, architecture, cookware and tools. The Human racewas evolving at a great pace in this period.
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