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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 History Rise of Islam The Mughal empire The muslim Mughal dynasty ruled in India from 1526to 1858,with the greatest emperor in power towardthe beginning of his period.under their rule,the diverseIndian subcontinent was unit and underwent a uniqueperiod,of achievement in arts,music literature and architecture. under the later Mughal rulers, however the empire began to fall apart. Babur the first Mughalemperor was Babur, who came from iran and was descended from timur and genghis khan.the word mughalcomes from mongol because of Babur orgains Baburwas just 11 when he became a ruler in transoxiana,and aged 14 when he became conquered samarkand.he established a kingdom in Iran,which he lost,and another in 1526,Babur conquered india1a well educated man,he was a poet and historian whoencouraged the arts.the greatest Mughal emperor was Akbar,who ruled from 1556 to 1605 skilled in government,Akbar set up an efficient bureaucracy, the structure of which still inference indian government today.Akbar was also known as one of the most tolerant of rulers.he abolishment a tay on the hindu populations encouraged artists to combine Hindu and Islamic styles in their work.Aurangzeb the book contains the letters,emperor,Aurangzeb. FIRST CONQUESTSThe first three caliphs Abu Bakur, Umar, Uthman expanded their territory quickly, creating an empire that eventually stretched from the Arabian peninsula to spain. Much land was again by the military conquest, but Islam also spread peacefully into areas where local rulers made alliances with the Caliphs. People of other religions living in these areas jews, christens, and zoroastrians became known as dhimmis (protected peoples) because they were protected in return for the payment of a tax. Later, other peoples, including Hindus in western india,also became dhimmis. double click to change this title text! (1658-1070),who rule saw a decline in the health of the Mughal state.he expanded the empire but faired to invest in agriculture and so did not make enough money to support his army or court.he persecuted non-muslims taking hindus heavily and destroying many of their temples. Expanding Emire By the end of Uthman's reign in 656,the empire includedArabia,palestine,Syria,Egypt,Libya,Iraq,large parts of persia(modern-day Iran),and sind(Mördern-day pakistan). the Umayyad dynasty(661-750) expanded into the rest of north Africa and Spain and pushed east ward. Anam.k,Iqra.s
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