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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Baltimore Ebola Attack! If you are concerned about ebola and want to know where it is from, some experts are sure that ebola zombies are caused by the fruit bat, the hammer-headed bat, and the little collared fruit bat. These certain types of bats by far had the the highest rate of infected with ebola. Two of those species of bats are found in Guinea. Other researchers say that it came from one person. One of the first ebola outbreaks was also found in Sudan. We do not know exactly where this virus came from, and what caused it, but it is confirmed that this virus is from Western Africa. If you were ever wondering about what stages you go through to get infected by ebola or ebola zombies, here are some examples. It usually takes 8-10 day before the symptoms of ebola start happening. First, symptoms appear as if you were infected by a bad case of the flu. Symptoms like, high fever, muscle aches, headaches, sore throat, and/or you will develop weakness. After that it is quickly followed by vomiting, diarrhea, internal and external bleeding, and symptoms of a virus called malaria. Lastly, the kidney and liver begin to fail. Except for foreign aid workers, evacuation plans for Ebola patients in Western Africa are very different than plans for patients in Baltimore, Maryland . Because Western Africa is so poor, they have a weak infrastructure, including poor methods of communicating with the public, less-educated medical staff, lack of medical supplies, non-functioning roads, and a population that does not understand how Ebola is spread. Most people do not have money to travel on a plane to escape Ebola, even if they could get to an airport. West Africa relies on help from other countries and humanitarian organizations, such as the Red Cross. Because they do not have a good emergency plan, several countries, such as Canada, are no longer sending medical staff to help them until this is changed. On the contrary, Baltimore, a wealthy city in the United States, has a strong infrastructure, therefore, it can plan ahead for emergencies. In Baltimore, communication is good since most citizens have a smartphone, television, radio, or Internet. Baltimore has well-trained medical staff and the Centers for Disease Control has educated medical staff on how to handle Ebola cases if they arrive at a local hospital. In Baltimore, the evacuation routes are pointed away from Peach Bottom Nuclear plant, so if there is a Ebola patient, the patient wont be injured if there is an nuclear meltdown. Also, Baltimore is focused on getting new plans for the Harford and Cecil counties Each hospital is required to have protective gear for patients and staff. The current approach is to send Ebola patients to one of four special hospitals in the U.S. Because Baltimore has good roads, and a reliable airport, patients can be safely transported without endangering the public.
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