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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Hodgdens The Hodgdens The Marsh Family consists of Donald MarshNichole LipariJennifer MarshAudrey MarshAdam MarshBridget Ella Hodgden The Hodgden and Marsh family have no disease history of any kind, however musical and artistic talent is passed downthrough the generations. And Marshes With an Indian Heritage comes struggle, a time long ago my ancestors walked the trail of tears. There last names were Stidham. The Marsh side (my dads side) Lives mainly in Ohio, where The family has been for a very long time.My dad, brother, and i are the onlyblood relatives of them that live in Missouri. We visit themoften but the only people that live there that are still living are my grandparents, cousin, aunt, and uncle. The Stidhams Started off in Alabama and Tennessee, but Walked the trail of tears and ended up in Oklahoma. My family often talks about my great grandma Nataliei have been told many things about her such as how good of a person she was and how she always wore these really weird clothsbut everyone loved them. My cousin was named after her. She attends this school. My parents got divorced when i was 4and my brother was 2, my father got remarried when i was 6 and Nichole. My mom dated a guy namedPerry for 6 years (Perry was her 7th cousin) and They had my sister Ella (Perry and my mother never got married) There are many more boys in my family than girls, i have no (child) female cousins on my dads side and i only have one female cousin on my moms side. The only young girls from my moms sideare me, my sister, and my cousin. Therest are all male (There are a lot) This shows me and my cousinssiblings, Sized according to How old they are. These are the ones under the age of 28 This shows me and my cousins/siblings, Sized according to How old they are. These are the ones under the age of 28 me Natalie white Ella Hodgden Reed white Adam Marsh Colton Marsh Lee Hodgden Cody Hodgden Jude Hodgden Finn Hodgden Ashton Hodgden (new baby i dont know the name) Mayo Hodgden Most of the people in our family have dark hairand dark eyes, brown. We are all fairly tall. i only have one cousin from the Hodgden side that has blonde hair and blue eyes.
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