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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Morocco By:Madeline Olson Push Factors The infant mortality rate in Morocco is 25 out of one 1000.Plague: Bacterial disease normally transmitted by fleas normally associated with rats. In 50% of cases. people die.Watch out for snakes, scorpions and palm rats will attack while being outdoors. Pull Factors Their labor freedom is 31.5 which is high compared to some countries.Their property rights are 40.0 which is higher than some countries in Africa.The rent in Morocco is 2,543.31 MAD and compared to South Africa is 60.18% higher than Morocco and one MAD = 0.11 US $. Human Actions 50% of Casablanca city dwellers are suffering from pollution-borne diseases. Morocco may loose its forest in the future 80% of it from forest fires and 40% of these fires are from field burning, forest cleaning, campfires, etc. Morocco has soil degradation. double click to change this header text! Environment Cause Effect Fishing along the coastLive-stock rearing ( sheep, cows, goats)is a wide spread across the country.Field irrigation The warm climate and rain Richer in take of fishProvides a plentiful in take of meat and dairy products.More export crops such as: Tea, sugarcane, tobacco, sunflowers, and soybeans.Provides cereal production of winter wheat and barley and fruits and vegetables during the summer months. Ideas The indigenous languages of Morocco are Amazigh and Afro-Asiatic Indigenous plants that grow in Morocco are olives, figs, and dates which were used for thousands of years for poultry and lamb stews.Bread is eaten at every meal.Tajine, a lamb or poultry stew is the national dish. People People in Morocco get around by:TrainsCars TaxisToursFerriesPlanesWalking/biking Products They export:WoodOrangesOlive OilMetals LeatherJewelryGeodesArgan OilCarpetsCacti Evidence
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