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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How did a spirit of exportation become a part of the Western World View? By the reanissence , Euopeans had traded with people beyond their borders for thousands of years During the greekand roman Empires, land trade routes were expanded, so more exotic goods from societies During the Renaissance, city-states in Italy gained power and wealth. Both government and the traders worked to expand their control of trade around the Mediterranean. European expansionism would spread the Western Worldviewto all the inhabited continent of the world The ageof extrapolationbegan duringthe Renaissance Tradebecomingincreasinyprofitable Feudalsystemdeclined Expansionism The Reformationbegan as amovement tobring aboutchanges in theRoman CatholicChurch, not to separatefrom it. Religious change spreadthroughout western Europe.Religion becamemore individualized andinfluenced both the formationof new churches and reformsto the Roman Catholic Church itself. The Protestant Reformation is an example of the rapid flow ofideas across Europe, from Germany, to France, to Switzerland, and tothe northern reaches of the British Isles. Reformation leaders sharedideas back and forth across the continent hrough travel, diplomacy,and the use of printed materials. The Renaissance began with most Europeans practicing onecommon religious belief, Roman Catholicism, tied together througha common language, Latin. Martin Luther (14831546), a German priest and professor at theUniversity of Hindenburg, was one of the most important reformers.He wanted to reform some practices of the Roman Catholic Church.
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